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Friday, October 28, 2011

100 Years of Racing Heritage | Chevrolet

In celebration of Chevrolet's Centennial, the brand takes a look back at its greatest racing moments over the past 100 years.

Awesome Camaro video

A celebration of the Chevrolet Camaro and it's heritage, over ten (10) 2010/2011 Camaros were featured, also including one of each past generation Camaro in a tribute homage. Check it out! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Awesome Camaro site!

CamaroNews.com is a web-based magazine dedicated to the Camaro! From the first Camaro in 1967 to the current 2012 edition, CamaroNews.com provides news, product reviews, information, industry updates, and in-depth technical content.  This site is owned and operated by long time car fanatic Ken Cunliffe.

Ken has owned more than 30 cars, including 4 Mustang GTs, 4 Corvettes, 2 Trans-Ams and 4 Camaros.  One of the Corvettes Ken owned was a 1978 Corvette Pacecar with 211 original miles.  It was the featured Corvette in Cars & Parts Corvette Magazine (including cover photo). Ken even wrote a book about the 1978 Corvette Pacecar in addition to running a website (Pacecars.com) featuring the car.
Ken’s 2011 Camaro 2SS/RS can be see here:

To check out this awesome site, or follow it on Facebook, go to the following links:

Chadmod Donate 4 Life Benefit

Saturday Oct. 29th, the Third Annual Chadmod Donate 4 Life Benefit is being held at the Merrell Center in Katy, Texas. They're trying to get the largest turnout of organ donor recipients, living donors, donor family members and transplant candidates together without having to run a marathon or walk a 5K! They have 1000 buttons to pass out. They will also be unveiling their Organ Donor Hall of Fame!

For more information go to:


Do muscle cars have a future?

Do muscle cars have a future? Got your attention, didn't I? Of course they do! They continue to survive fuel crisis, the shift towards family styling of cars, and even more important I think the new modern muscle continues to provide the fury of the originals.
The dictionary defines a muscle car (noun) as a flashy sports car with a large, powerful engine; a hot rod. But if you own one, you know that definition doesn't even begine to scratch the surface of what a muscle car is.
I love the original muscle cars. They are, of course, legends in their own right and always will be. They will also always be glorious and make heads turn when you see one. They are cars that can not be tamed and should not be. They are four-wheeled American freedom. They represent the love of power and, to some extent, being reckless and wild. And that senario appeals to basically every age - to have an area of your life that is "untamed".
I also love that the modern muscle strives to capture those ideas and pay homage to those glory days. Which brings up another question...can you obey the street laws and own a muscle car? Yes you can, because part of the joy is just feeling cool while driving them.  However, who doesn't like seeing just how fast that baby can go? I suppose you could always take your muscle car out to the track...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Win a Camaro!!

Hi all! You can enter to win a 45th anniversary Chevy Camaro autographed by Dale Earnhardt, Jr.!


(The answer for all three questions is "c"...just fyi!)

Monday, October 17, 2011

WHM Trunk-or-Treat! A car show for costumes and candy fun!

Fall is a wonderful time of year. So many great things happen during this season. Leaves change color (well, in other parts of the country, not usually here in Katy, Texas...but at least I can see it on pictures and TV!), wonderful smells from the kitchen, getting to eat candy corn, pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin bread, fall decorations come out, and then there is the excuse to dress up in costume!

Now, even more fun that dressing up, is getting to see precious little kids dress up in costume and use that as a reason to have a very cool car show...Trunk-or-Treat! Trunk-or-treats have become very popular in recent years. It is a great way to have a community party without having to clean up your house, gives the kids something fun and safe to do, and is a great way to show off all of our awesome cars! Lots of fun ideas can go along with this type of car show. You can decorate the cars as well as yourself, choose to have your candy in a bucket by the car if you want to protect your car from being touched by hands, have costume contests, trophies, prizes, raffles, and baked goods as well!

West Houston Muscle did their Trunk-or-Treat this past Saturday. It was tons of fun! The kids had a blast dressing up and getting candy, there were 100+ awesome rides at the show, and awards were given out to best children and best adult costumes. Be sure to check out your community for Trunk-or-Treat Car Shows in the next few weeks. They are great for family get togethers, and a fun twist on a car show!

You can check out more  photos from WHM's Trunk-or-Treat on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Camaro-Kitty/219066318129342

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pattison Car show 2011

The Pattison Car Show was held on October 8, 2011 at Royal High School. The event is in it's sixth year and is going strong and growing larger each time. This car show boasted everything from classics and muscle cars, to exotic imports and 4-wheel drive! You could even find some motorcycles, go-karts and a lawn mower!! The variety of vehicles that participated to raise money for Pattison, Texas area projects was amazing and enjoyable. Other fun attractions at the show included a kid bicycle show, baby parade, best exhaust, and a 50/50 raffle pot drawing.

A BIG thank you to Jim Meader and his crew of volunteers for putting on such a nice event!

Check out these links form more video/pictures of the event:


For more information of the Pattison Car show:

Event winners and sponsors are listed below:

2011 6th Annual Pattison Car Show

Pro-Street 1st Rodney Marris 55 Chevy Gasser
... 2nd Joey Dupree 77 Chevy PU
3rd Jim Bartlotte 23 Ford
Street Rod pre-40
1st John Sommer 32 Ford
2nd Jim Lastovica 33 Ford
3rd John Johnson 38 Chevy
Foreign 1st Gray Gregory 61 AC Bristol
2nd Jim Powers Alfo Romero
1st Lee White 09 Mustang
2nd Leon Swartz 67 GTO
3rd Jerry Lyddon 73 Mustang
Truck pre-70
1st Jerry Tuttle 48 GMC
2nd Randy Irby 52 Chevy PU
3rd Bill Autrey 49 Rat PU
Truck post-70
1st Bud Hallmark 79 El Camino
2nd Rick Sausly 83 El Camino
3rd Magoo 93 Chevy S-10
Tractor 1st Doug Shultz 84 Pasqaulli
Antique / Classic
1st Garland Spear 31 Ford
2nd Ted Demenx 46 Mercury
3rd Johnny Norsworthy 36 Ford
4- Wheel Drive
1st Clint Lampe F250
2nd Jim Vaughn 67 Bronco
3rd Ryan Stansny 08 Silverado
Rock Krawler
1st Richard Hollinger 98 Jeep
2nd Dave Foronnier 02 Jeep
3rd Gary Foronnier 96 Chevy PU
Exotic Import
1st Terry Lyons 07 Lambo
2nd Gray Gregory 05 Lotus
3rd Chris Heikkla Porsche
Late Model Stock
1st Deanna Fry 10 Camero
2nd Cynthia / Earring 07 Charger
3rd Jessie Rivera 10 Camero
Late Model Custom
1st Albert Shedon 09 Charger
2nd Larry Croom 07 Mustang
3rd Michael Koguez 05 Mustang

Corvette pre-80
1st Joe Hamilton 61 Blue
2nd Ricky Haupfman 66 Red
3rd Greg Childs 65 Red

Corvette post-80
1st Tom Roebren 04 Yellow
2nd John Leal 86 Burgandy
Race Car
1st Jessie Sanchez 95 S-10 PU
2nd Tony Mullins 67 Camero
3rd Jamie Flores 74 Vega
Motor Cycle Custom
1st Chris Burk 01 GSXR
Muscle Car pre-70
1st Paul Keene 65 Chevelle 2nd Greg Childs 68 Chevelle
3rd Fred Martinez 64 Chevelle

Muscle Car post-70
1st Scott Grant 72 Buick GSX
2nd Ricky Hampton 70 Chevelle
3rd Brian Perilloux 71 Pontiac T-37
Peddle Car / Tractor
1st Joe Garcia John Deere
Under Construction
1st Patrick Pierre 41 Willis
Lawn Mower
1st Big Dawg Twin Engined Custom

Best of Awards

Best Ford Larry Green 07 Mustang
Best General Motors Shevrie Mcleod 87 Grand National
Best Mopar John Bashansh 70 Roadrunner
Best Paint Michael Koguez 05 Mustang
Best Interior Albert Sheldon 09 Charger
Best Engine Ricky Hauptman 70 Chevelle
Club Participation West Houston Muscle Sean Taijpour
Best Display Scott Grant 72 Buick GSX
Judges Choice Larry Martin RS/SS 69 Camero

Platinum Sponsor
HDH Instruments Greg Hovas
Gary Jones Jones Hydraulic Service

Gold Sponsor
John & Diane Hovas Pattison, Texas
Sandy and Janet Buller Buller Productions

Silver Sponsor
Enterprise Bank Brookshire, Texas
Dr. John Zerwas State Representative
Janet J. Montgomery, CFP, CWS
Robert & Julie Ormond Kyle Custom Homes

Bronze Sponsor
West I-10 Chamber of Commerce
Brookshire Car Care Fred Hermis / Brookshire, Texas
Michael Montgomery West Engineering
NAPA Auto Mike & Will Marburger Brookshire, Texas
Brookshire Economic Development Corp.
Virginia Lyerly RVOS Insurance

Friday, October 7, 2011

Texas Camaro Nationals 2011

H-town held it's annual Texas Camaro Nationals this past weekend, and it was a blast! On Saturday, October 1st we enjoyed the COOLER Houston weather at Advanced Racing Dynamics. The combination car show and dyno event drew a crowd of Camaro enthusiasts from H-Town Camaro Club as well as bringing in some fans from other cities.  We also can boast that we may have put the Ice Cream Truck man outta commission for that day with the number of ice cream sales he made to the members of H-Town!

Sunday, October 2nd promised to be a bit warmer outside, and a few of us had to slather on the sunscreen. But who is worried about burning the skin when it is time to burn the rubber? We started early again that morning, with the test runs and, after a few misadventures with some blown motors, a twisted drive shaft, and a dead tranny, we enjoyed a full day of drag racing. (Don't worry folks, those Caamaros with the issues will be back up and running in no time...cause that is how we roll!)

The weekend was full of Camaros, Camaro lovers, fun and adventures. To check out more pictures and to see video from the event, please go to the following links. And don't forget to join us at Texas Camaro Nationals 2012!