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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Camaro Kitty Award

On behalf of CamaroNews.com, I am happy to announce that Matthew Watson's 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS received the first ever Camaro Kitty award. The award was given out at WHM's Blast to the Past Part Deux after Matt broke the record with his Camaro for the fastest bolt-on 5th generation in the quarter mile.

Congrats Matt! That is one fast car!

Check out the interview with Matt by clinking on the link below!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blast to the Past After Hours Part Deux

On Jan. 14, 2012 West Houston Muscle (WHM) will be holding Blast to the Past After Hours Part Deux. It is a car show in honor and celebration of the three years the club has been in existence.

Sean Tajipour, the president of West Houston Muscle, is looking forward to the event, as is the rest of the club and many car enthusiasts around town. How did it all begin? After being a full time member of the BMW Club BavarianSpeed and co-founding the UTSA Car Club in San Antonio, Sean Tajipour took a trip back to West Houston and purchased a 2006 GTO. With the simple idea of bringing other muscle car enthusiasts together on the westside of town, WestHoustonMuscle.com was born!

West Houston Muscle came alive in January of 2009 with their first meet at Paddy's with 75 + Rides. Today, the club has over 1000 Members in just 3 years and hosted over 300 events.

WHM had it's first Blast to the Past event last year, which drew in a very large crowd of over 700 diverse rides. "After the success of the first after hours, we knew we had a special event that united the whole car society local and abroad," says Sean.

WHM is a organization and a brand created by car enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The members of the club range in age and have a wide collection of cars in past and present models.

For more information about the club and the event, go to: