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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's your favorite?

I was just looking through the online movie data base IMDb, and it got me thinking about all the awesome car movies that are out there. Hollywood loves cars and films about them. The open road is a very important part of film scenery. Hollywood has everything from the Fast and the Furious series to classics like American Graffiti. Don't forget the wildly popular Cars' franchise of Disney, Smokey and The Bandit, and Gone in 60 Seconds...just to name a few. We can’t seem to get enough of stories revolving around getting behind the wheel and on the road.

So, since endless options of car movies are available , in your mind, what is the ultimate car/road movie?
Or, just for kicks, what is your favorite car movie?
Post it below!

As for me...I think I am going to go watch a car movie now!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reasons you are a car enthusiast...part one

So I posed the question "Why are you a car enthusiast" on a thread to my car club, H-town Camaro. I know why I love cars, I was curious to see what answers I would get back. Here is what I have in response so far...

 "I like the Power of the Car. I like driving fast. I like the sound it makes when it goes fast. I like snapping peoples heads back into the headrest. I like owning a badass car others wish they had. I like the challenge of making mine unique with only a limited number of after market mods available. First and Formost it introduced me to the great people in HTCC and WHMC. Need I say more? " Banshee

"Love the smell of exhaust. V8s sound AWESOME. No other feeling like going fast. Tire smoke is the coolest. It's an addiction, once you start there is no stopping.
What else would I drive....could you see me in a Fiat????? " blk2SS

"I like the rumble of the V8 engine and the exhaust note. The aggressive appearance of a muscle car. The feeling of power when you push the gas pedal as well as the adrenaline rush of going fast." SHWA

 "I love the adrenaline rush at the tree! You totally forget about everything else in life except going down the track. It takes me back to my teenage years racing my 71 454 Chevelle, and I'm still beating the guys !! "  h-towncamaro

"I'm a car enthusiast because I love anything that moves fast and is unique and these cars fit that category! Also, being an engineer I needed something that'd keep me thinking with upgrades of how changing one thing affects the performance of the car. If it's possible to stroke a 3.6L LLT engine, then I may just have to do it way later down the road with a second engine. May have to prod around and see what's available that can be used to help reach top performance from a V6 without FI. So, part of me likes cars because they're awesome and the other part of me likes them because of the challenge they provide in pushing the limits of what can be done, and a custom ride is sweet. " TexasCamaro5

"adrenaline junkie to all but not limited to:
the friends and the sharing of the experiences
the anticipation of any mod and its results
the sound of a BIG cam
the anticipation of a competitive launch
the thrill of the chase down
forced induction
the smell of burning high octane fuel
the smell of burning race methanol

"Because she is mine! She bears my daughters nick name (no pun intended), she's clean, sporty and fast. Don't think i really answered your question but try being away from her for 3 months (back from Australia). A dream to drive in my opinion and felt gooooooooooood to hop back in the saddle, gotta love the power of a bare bone stock SS. Geez are we talking about Camaro or cars in general....lol damn this thread got me excited I cant even answer the question...." SSBear10

Loving the answers! Keep 'em coming peeps. :)
More on this topic to come...