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I am just a girl who loves muscle cars and wants to share her joy. I recently bought a new Camaro and am enjoying the muscle car scene at West Houston Muscle and H-Town Camaro. Other interests include looking pretty, XBOX360, drawing, blinging, and chatting! Come check me out on Facebook too! -TheCamaroKitty

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cammy has a mini-me!

Yes, you read the title correctly...Cammy DOES have a mini-me! My friend Matt Watson took a Camaro model car and painted it to match my beloved Camaro. He did a fantastic job painting Cammy's mini-me. The model was originally a yellow car with black stripes and now it is IBM with silver stripes. It looks fantastic, and I mean FAN-TAS-TIC!  Yeah, I know I keep using the word fantastic...but I am just that excited! ;)

Check it out!