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Monday, April 22, 2013

New lights please!

I recently visited  Oracle Lighting of Houston with my husband because we had contacted them about doing some work on our Camaro.   We brought Cammy in for a "lighting upgrade” and they even installed a few other items for us while they had the car. I believe we were even the official first car with work down at the new Houston location.  The people at Oracle were awesome to talk to and work with, and very excited about getting their place open in the Houston area. Here is a break down of the lights and work they did for the Camaro:
Colorshift 2.0 Halo Kit & remote
Installation into headlights
Fog light halos
Installation into fog lights
Afterburner Halo Kit
Installation into tail lights
22 Dynamic Scanner
Reverse Lights
I absolutely love how everything turned out! Take a look at the photos!



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